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What we do

Programmers often say that while self-study is a necessary part of learning the trade, the best way is on the job.

And that's exactly how techboss does it.

By offering the perspectives of a manager and coworker rather than just a tutor, we ensure that your output is project-focused and that, in addition to leveling up your skills, you are exposed to the processes and workflows of a modern tech organization.

Projects that make sense for you

techboss assigns you projects every week, customized for your skill set and goals.

Call us for backup

With techboss, you're not alone. We're here if you need to "call a meeting" or "ask a coworker for help"

Easily track your skills

At the end of each task, you can track your progress with the skills you learned


Knowing what to do next can be tricky. These resources should help.

  • What language should I learn?

    Seems like a basic question, but most people struggle with it at the beginning. We made a choose your own adventure guide to simplify the process for you.

  • Then what? How do I start?

    You need some tools. At a minimum, you'll need a text editor to write code, and an execution environment to run code. For the former, try Atom. For the latter, go with Chrome or maybe Firefox. There are lots of ways to run code, but doing it in the browser is a good way to start.

  • Do I need to learn Algorithms/Data Structures/Computer Science

    There are many opinions about this, but our answer is yes... but the best kind of yes. We made a cheat sheet with gophers that will help you learn the basics over the course of a night or two. It's not everything, but there are plenty of working coders who don't all of what we cover here.

  • How do I get a programming job?

    Learning to code is a huge undertaking. Gaining the skills and mindset to land a job can take months or years. Check out this flow chart for an overview on being employable. For much more detailed advice on finding a job, check out our career guide.

  • How do I get better at coding?

    Our recommendation centers around working on projects and individual mentorship. Check out our plans for more information.

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